About ciaomari

Fwildflowersood is in my blood! My Sicilian ancestors were lemon growers and grape farmers, bakers and grocers. I grew up gardening, canning, fishing and berry-picking. Choosing, preparing and serving food make my heart sing. I live to feed and care for people, at home and work. Food = love!

I’m an irrepressibly enthusiastic, infinitely curious East Coast Renaissance woman who transplanted herself in the Arizona desert: a beverage geek, food nerd, herb gardener, historian, hospitality pro, listener, musician, nature lover, ordained minister, photographer, polyglot, reader, re-user, recycler, soul therapist, storyteller, writer and voyager.

Admiring beauty, observing details, spreading joy, living mindfully, reading voraciously, writing from the heart, loving passionately… these are a few of my priorities. Thank you for visiting and sharing yourself with me as well.

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