Chapter 2013 — Feeling (newly) Blessed

“The three grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.” ~Alexander Chalmers


I’m so humbled by, and grateful for, the many kind words and good wishes I received today. Tonight, I feel like the kids on the Disney commercial. Tomorrow, I join a little enterprise that is at least one of the happiest places in Arizona, if not on Earth. Hooray…bedtime.

About ciaomari

Food is in my blood! My Sicilian ancestors were lemon & grape farmers, bakers & grocers. I grew up gardening, canning, fishing & berry-picking. Choosing, preparing & serving food make my heart sing. I live to feed and care for people, at home & work. Food = love! I'm an irrepressibly enthusiastic & infinitely curious East Coast Renaissance woman transplanted to the Southwest desert: beverage geek, food nerd, herb gardener, historian, hospitality pro, musician, nature lover, ordained minister, photographer, polyglot, reader, re-user, recycler, soul therapist, writer & voyager. Admiring beauty, observing details, spreading joy, living mindfully, reading voraciously, writing from the heart, loving passionately... these are a few of my priorities. Thank you for visiting and sharing yourself with me as well.
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5 Responses to Chapter 2013 — Feeling (newly) Blessed

  1. Shaney Salomon says:

    There is nothing better than doing what your heart calls you to do. Good for you!

    • ciaomari says:

      Thank you Shaney; I agree! I think I’ve been going about it somewhat caddywampus (as Mia would say), thinking I needed to find a specific purpose in a defined industry. I’m starting to realize as long as I am able to interact with people in a helpful, service-oriented way, I can be happy doing any number of things!

  2. Debbie Frank Merrick and a couple of other friends in the restaurant business suggested that I connect with you. I was an event manager for many years and have worked with chefs all over the Valley. I am also a University of Arizona Master Gardener and have helped start up a number of farmers markets in Phoenix and Scottsdale, as well as volunteered on community garden projects and small urban farm start ups.

    I recently formed my own food/education group, Culinary Historians of Arizona (CHAZ). I would love to talk with you about some food projects/events that I am hoping to organize this year.

    You can email me at if you are interested in learning more about my projects and ideas. Thank you, Denise

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